Artkaza was founded in 2016 out of my personal need to revamp my apartment. I searched in Miami for a place with a quality and stylish selection of wallpapers in stock, ready to be carried out, but it was an impossible task.

We live in a world where time is very valuable and back then I could not wait 2 or 3 weeks for a wallpaper (which is how usually takes when you order from a regular store) to finish my apartment renovation. 
Very often we all usually like to enjoy our vacation trips by purchasing something different and innovative for our home. Now you can have a high quality selection of wallpapers and carry it out with you when going back home without having to pay extra shipping fees and additionally wait for a long time to receive it.

Our group in Brazil run 3 large organizations with its own headquarters operating in the business of importing and selling products for kitchen and home decor with an expertise of over 30 years in the market. Our main goal is to offer you a top-notch assistance during the process of purchasing the best wallpaper of your choice. No more waiting, it is conveniently in stock for you. Thank you for choosing Artkaza!
Ana P. Brito